Online Education from the Inside Out

18 May 2020, Posted by Sarina Simon in Uncategorized

Online Education from the Inside Out


As many of my readers already know, I have been making digital learning products and online courses for many years. And though lately my team has been focussed on Mixed Reality, I continue to follow the industry and consult for a variety of clients.

I have to confess that I thought I was familiar with most of the best products on the market but as the Covid quarantine has gone on I have found myself helping to homeschool my grandaughter and have been introduced to a slew of new products – some good, some not so good.

Today I’d like to talk about an excellent product which somehow had escaped my attention in the past. It’s called MysteryDoug and it features wonderful, dare I say even fascinating, science videos narrated by Doug Peltz, a former science teacher whose engaging explanations keep me and my student wanting more. I have to admit I was never a science geek, though I did once attend The Bronx High School of Science, and truth be told that’s where I learned to not love science. But that’s another story.

The videos on Mystery Doug are short segments that answer questions kids around the world pose. Questions like, ‘Why do birds give birth in the spring? How is glass made? How many people are there in the world?” Though they were probably originally intended for classroom use, they work well at home and believe me, they are a real treat1


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