Making a Difference

Making A Difference

04 Apr 2018, Posted by Sarina Simon in Advice for Edtech Aspirants, Edtech, instructional design

I have been making edtech products for years. I think most of them are excellent, but I rarely have had the chance to measure or see their impact. When I developed consumer products it was easier to find out if users liked them. Sales figures, online reviews, and anecdotal feedback was readily available, but not so with products that are used in schools.

Several years ago my company worked on creating courses for JA Academy, a complete online/offline curriculum for high school students. Written by a long time colleague (Laura Cohen), guided by Junior Achievement’s excellent instructional designers and product people, and implemented by our talented team at NorthSouth Studios, we all felt it was good, very good indeed but without a “road test” no one could be sure that we had created something that would engage students in the way we had hoped. Well, the “road test” has been taken and the reviews are in.

It feels so good to be making a difference in the lives of students! I hope all of you will someday get this kind of feedback on your work. Thank you to the talented team at Junior Achievement and my own team for giving me a chance to be part of this exciting program!

I’d love to hear about your gratifying career achievements. Please do write and share them.

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