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The thing about starting in an industry early is that by the time that industry grows up, so have you. Experience builds wisdom: you can tell instantly what’s a retread and what truly breaks new ground. You know how to bring in the people who always perform at the top of their game. You know the best ways to get things done because you’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.



I got into multimedia software early – the late ‘80s – when CD-ROM was considered an innovation and email was still a miracle you had to explain to the uninitiated. Since that time, I have worked on a multitude of platforms – some still around, some now enshrined in the Museum of Obsolete Technology. I’ve met a gaggle of interesting, quirky, and forward-thinking people. I’ve made games, encyclopedias, training programs, virtual worlds, kids’ toys, websites, mobile apps, K-12 online courses and interactive music discs. I’ve even founded two start-ups. I’ve sat at boardroom tables with heavy hitters and worked side by side with visionaries.

My products have won prestigious awards and I’ve had the privilege of mentoring some incredibly talented people. Today I am the President of NorthSouth Studios, where we produce a range of products for a wide variety of clients. When not working, I’m involved in lots of different projects, the most exciting of which is a program I started with a friend to provide books to kids who otherwise would have virtually none.

Before my foray into interactive, I worked in what’s now called “traditional” media: books and films. Though my career has changed course several times, its constant theme is quality. I am dedicated to pursuing excellence and giving users the very best experiences, whether for learning, entertainment or a combination.

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